Why Downton Abbey Delivers Hope

“Look, we’re blood. And we’re stuck with it. So let’s try to do better in the future.”

Downtown Abbey concludes.

The Downton Abbey series concluded for us Americans this past Sunday night. And it did not fail us faithful fans. I’m not sure if my tears were all from the show or my crazy life of building a house and selling a house; I was not let down. I’ve shaken my fists, cried more tears than I want to admit, and laughed at their ridiculous antics. I loved every minute.

Every episode I couldn’t wait for the quotes that stirred my soul and often created angst within my heart. Best quotes of the last episode:

“Larry, as my son I love you. But I have tried and failed to like you.” Do we dare? Only in television.

Mary to Edith. “Look, we’re blood. And we’re stuck with it. So let’s try to do better in the future.”  We love her honesty even though at times we want to jump in the screen and strangle Mary.

Downton Abbey gives me that happy ending.

The characters of the show that I found satisfying and gave me the conclusion I needed and craved, to give me that happy ending:

Thomas Barrow offering to help the baffled Mr. Carson, who couldn’t quite humble himself to accept Barrow. But then Mr. Carson couldn’t deny him either.

Edith finally finding her love in the episode drawn together by her marriage with her honesty finally paying off. Her character grew on me every year as we watched her at war with her eldest sister and never being able to stand her ground. She ended up being one of my favorites, stuck between two sisters with strong and opposing personalities—she needed to come into her own. Yay for Edith in growing up, not letting her sister continue to bully her and finding her dream man—after finding herself through life and a career.

Thomas Barrow found out almost too late that kindness goes a long way. He needs others. He does not do well alone. He realized just in time that it’s better to give than to receive. Bravo to Thomas for his maturity and swallowing his pride.

Mary, while she is beautiful and smart, was annoying and the most narcissist character. When she blew Edith’s chance for marital bliss (previous episode), what we have known each season, she’s the last to know she blew it. Big time. She redeemed herself in the finale. I believe she knew she’ll continue to blow it and make mistakes but she can change. She realized, fortunately during the wedding festivities, she doesn’t have to be in the center of attention. She was her own worst enemy. In the midst of her mistakes and outspoken ways, she can own them and move on.

Mary brings me hope in a hopeless world.

I find hope in Mary. Mary delivers us hope during a time when hope feels bleak. Mary brings hope when too many characters on television can’t learn and grow from their mistakes. Mary brings me hope in a world that I sometimes can hardly cling to and escape looks more plausible with each passing day.

We want to feel good. We want to hope. In the midst of change it can be hard, difficult and we often need to compromise. In Downton Abbey hope is sprung from a well that feels dry. Let’s continue to cling to hope. Strive for hope. Pursue hope.

Hope delivers.

So yay for great television that still exists. In the finale episode of Downton Abbey, the end to a great series, hope delivers.

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