What Is Your Flip?

My son, Ryan. Photo by Kalyn Lovlyn

My son, Ryan. Photo by Kalyn Lovlyn

What is holding you back?

“We were made to thrive for so much more,” stated award-winning novelist James Rubart at our local writer’s conference this weekend. “What is holding you back?”

Fear. Fear of something.

Fear has the potential to hold any of us back. Fear holds us hostage. We are then unable to live out the life God desires for each of us. Controlled by fear we are led down the path to doubt.

Doubt ourselves. Doubt our ability. Doubt our worth. Doubt.

I know fear by its name and the presence in my own life. At age 14 a story written for my English class was given to our neighbor, who was a pastor and a published author. He noted to my mother, that I had incredible insight for someone so young and should pursue writing. I did. In high school. But as I was entering college and felt intimidated by those around me I caved in to the pressure. I gave up. I gave in to fear. I let the doubts creep in and dictate my college education.

Satan does not want anyone to live in freedom.

The Holy Spirit beckons us to step into our purpose and walk through the open doors.  

Where do you need to step out of the shadows?

A phone call to a neighbor?

Writing a letter to a loved one?

Reaching someone in church, or your workplace, or your neighborhood?

Taking an art class?

Pursuing your dream?

Writing your story?

We choose to flip into God’s glory.

Imagine you are at the edge of a cliff and you feel the nudge to jump into the water. You feel the need to do a flip off the cliff. You’re not sure how you will land. You’re not sure if it will look pretty. You’re not even sure you will be unharmed. But the nudge dares you to make the leap.

We choose to sit by the sidelines, or we choose to participate.

We choose to flip into God’s glory.


What is your flip? Who can you influence by your flipping?

I took my dream to write and finally grabbed hold of it and threw the fear behind me. When the fear crept back in, I allowed the fear to challenge me to never give up on my dream.

The day I declared, “I am a writer,” is the day I flipped.

My children will look back and know I never gave up and I never gave in, once I decided to flip into God’s glory and step into his calling.

“You need to jump off cliffs everyday and build your wings on the way down.” Ray Bradbury. 

It’s time.

Live a life of risk. You cannot fail if you try.

It’s time. To step out of the shadows and through your open doors to the edge of the cliff. To jump.

A special thanks to James Rubart, who literally flipped off the cliff, continues to flip and encourages writers to take a chance and flip everyday.

2 Responses to What Is Your Flip?

  1. Sydney March 23, 2015 at 5:23 pm #

    I sure like your writing ‘twist’ on this….so I can see that I DO want to flip off the cliff…that is where I shine and where God gets the glory!

    My flip is fun, interactive way of sharing God’s word with various people I meet in each day. I’ve decided to do a double flip and pursue it further by starting a business with expressive cards that are life-giving…wahoo!

    Like you Diane, I am not allowing the fear (the devil to steal, kill & destroy) to challenge me to never give up on my dream I’m holding onto truth that He wants me to live abundantly…again, so He gets the glory!

    Who is James Rubart? 🙂

    • Diane Samson March 30, 2015 at 4:32 pm #

      I love your flip Sydney. Your cards are a great inspiration and how wonderful you decided to take the chance and flip off the cliff to do your business. I wonder how many people will be reached through God calling you to take this huge leap.

      James Rubart is a Christian fiction writer who has won awards and is popular among men and women, even teenagers. He writes edgy novels that move outside the normal realm. http://www.jameslrubart.com. 🙂

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