What Drops of Blessing Has He Bestowed on You Today?

God often surprises us with a day of spring

I felt guilt with my lack of motivation.

My intentions were pure as I headed downtown to my favorite coffee shop. Write. Blog. Exchange words on the screen.

My mind idled. I wandered to the free spirits outside, enjoying the sunshine and a very unusual early spring day.

I felt guilt with the lack to keep my motivation on track.

I finally gave in to enjoy my ride home. I marveled at the beauty God laid before my eyes, for me to stop. Take notice. Enjoy.

Our springs in North Idaho can be somewhat tiresome, while the other parts of the country experience daffodils making their bright appearance, buds blooming into color and bugs springing into life and energy.

In Idaho Spring can be dreary and monotonous. Except for today.

His drops of blessing.

God often surprises us with a day of spring, just when we need it. Just when we crave it the most.

Isn’t it like God to drop a blessing, right before our eyes?

What drops of blessing has He brought forth to you today?

I choose today to welcome spring. Today. No worries over tomorrow.

I choose today to embrace the good foods God has provided for me to eat and enjoy. Today.

I choose today to enjoy my two sons at home before they fly off and embark on their own journeys. Today.

I choose today to be thankful for my husband who supports and loves me through my tumultuous times. Today.

I. Choose. Today.

Will you join me?

What do you choose today? Without worrying about your tomorrows?

Let’s share our blessings together so we can marvel at God’s goodness. Let’s share our choice to find the drops of blessing He bestows on us today. Today.

Will you join me?

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