Trusting God When It Feels…Part 2


Diane New Year's Eve 2014

Diane New Year’s Eve 2014

God Is Bigger Than.

I introduced our son’s engagement last month, trusting God when it doesn’t feel so great.

When the timing of the wedding fit my own schedule I was able to trust easily. But when they wanted to move the wedding to spring, I quickly realized it became about me.

Knock knock. God is bigger than me. He’s bigger than my need to look thinner. He’s bigger than my insecurities and putting too much focus on my outward self.

My friend and blogger, Abra Carnahan, wrote a guest post a few months ago, Gospel Beauty.

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like a fiery reflection of God’s glory. Deep down, like the first woman, I wonder if God is holding out on me. I wonder if He reserved the best beauty for someone more deserving than myself. I cannot appreciate the glory He has already given me. How often do we fail to recognize God’s wonderful artistry in our bodies?”

Abra concludes in Part 2.

“The way to gospel beauty begins in our hearts and works its way out. It is not confined to a body mass index, numbers on a scale or how clothes fit your body. This is tremendously good news!! This means, right now, regardless of your size and shape, your age or achievements, you can be beautiful!”

Ladies, can we truly believe Abra’s powerful words? Regardless of your size and shape, you can be beautiful!

The challenge is to keep our focus on Him and not ourselves. When we need validation, we go to His Word. When we seek self-worth, we read the Bible and seek His Truth. Too often we seek the world’s anorexic standard or the hourglass figure.

“God wants us to seek Him for our inward beauty and our outward beauty.”

Listen again ladies.

“God wants us to seek Him for our inward beauty and our outward beauty.” Abra Carnahan

My new blogger friend and author of Atlas Girl, Emily T. Wierenga, wrote “To Those Who Diet After Christmas.”  Emily writes “When the pants grow snug, I feel less-than.” Her value is measured by how much weight she thinks she’s gained and not the beautiful person God has created.

Emily continues.

“We focus on making plans to cut back in January because it’s the magical month. It’s the month to reclaim our lost sizes and to purge all of December’s sins. January is about the magic diet pill. Commercials full of men and women lamenting their size, and none of it’s about health-it’s about the bottom dollar.”

We hustle to create Christmas in December and bustle to the tune of losing unwanted pounds in January. We beat ourselves up all for the purpose of looking how we think we should look.

Meanwhile, “The message of Bethlehem forgotten.”

“It’s not about the food. It’s about Jesus. It’s not about the presents. It’s about Jesus.” It’s not about getting anything—be it thinner, or back into shape. It’s about giving, long into the New Year.”

God is bigger than my need to want to be thinner for my son’s wedding. God is bigger than my insecurities as I waddle my overweight figure across the church aisle.

God is bigger than.

“It’s not about the size of our bodies but the size of our hearts.” Emily Wierenga

Oh Father may I truly place my worth, my insecurities over my weight, my always trying to do it on my own…and lay them at Your feet. I choose to trust You.

You know and understand all of our struggles, our insecurities and the fight within us to shed those extra pounds.

And when we forget? When we start whining? Turn our focus back to You. May we remember Bethlehem. All year long.

Let’s join hands together and fight the demon who wants to demoralize us. Who wants to rob us of the joy. Who wants to keep the focus on US. Who wants to cause us anxieties so our trust is once again on ourselves and not God.

Let’s take each day and declare this is the day the Lord has made. Let’s rejoice and be glad in it. Just the way we are. Making good choices and sometimes falling flat on our faces.

“But even as the tree is packed up and the ornaments stowed, Jesus is still being born among us. Come to set us free from the weigh scale, from food, so we might know life abundant in him.”

Friends let’s live the abundant life God so freely offers us. He is calling us today to live in freedom.


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