The Thirst of our Hearts

God desires not only a relationship with you, but an intimate, far-out, dream big, kind of relationship.

We were created by design.

We are not just a fluke, a side note, a careless thought, created equal to animals (don’t be angry with me). We were created uniquely to reflect the very image of God. We were created by design, God’s design.

We were created to be dependent on God with the One who could meet all our needs and desires. Do you hear this? We were created to be needy. Not independent on our own. Not self-sustaining. Dependent and totally needy on God, our creator. Not an easy concept for many of us to grasp, especially with the movement we don’t need anyone.

Sin is a biggie word in today’s culture. We don’t like it, we don’t want to ponder its implications and usually we push it away and make a choice not to confront it.

Sin, at its core, is a refusal to accept our dependence on God, a denial of this basic relational reality.~Entrust

We were created by a personal and relational God.

We were created by a personal and relational God. Jesus on earth exemplified God through His relationships, healing, rebuking, storytelling, and showing love, mercy, grace and forgiveness. Jesus wept over His beloved friend who had died and He showed the emotions any of us would at a loved one’s departure from earth.

Just as Jesus enjoyed a close and intimate relationship with God, totally dependent on God for His sustanance and day to day needs, God wants the same kind of relationship with us. Whether you do or don’t, that’s up to you. But God does. He desires us. He wants us. And He wants us to need Him.

God created us the same way as Himself for desiring relationship and purpose, by thinking, choosing and feeling. We were created to be in community. Not isolated. Not alone. In community with others.

Our desire for meaningful relationships is part of our design.~Entrust

But sin entered into the picture as Satan slithered into Eve’s life to tempt her and leave her with doubt, as she chose pride and disobedience to eat the forbidden fruit.

Fear, blame and shame entered into Adam and Eve’s relationship for the first time as both their eyes were taken from God and to look to themselves for an answer to their dilemma.

Instead of moving towards God and keeping their intimacy intact, they moved away, to fulfill the newly created hole in their hearts. As we do today and all too common, we seek to relieve our pain in other endeavors other than God.

If we make relieving ourselves of pain in every situation, we are not only living independently of God, but we are making this relief of pain a priority.

We were created for our core need to be filled by God. Only God.

Moved dramatically from the garden, we seek to make life work for ourselves on our own terms. The perfect union between us and God is broken and we are left with a very real core thirst for God. We were born with this thirst as we strive to be filled by our mamas and it only intensifies as we seek bigger and better things to fill the core need. This core need that only can be filled by God.

Our thirsty cup (our heart) was intended to be filled through dependence on God in living our relationships with others and with purposeful involvement in God’s creation.~Entrust

Eve experienced for the first time an unsatisfied personal/relational capacity. Her heart was empty. Her cup was empty.

Do you remember a time when you know you were dissatisfied and you did whatever you could to fill it with anything? Or anyone? Instead of going to the source of God?

We find ourselves in the cycle of being vaguely aware we have something to fill, so we try to order and control life to avoid this painful thirst. We may even try to fill it with some good things, like husbands, children, good works. But it’s still empty. None of those sustain us for long. Only in seeking God will we be filled and satisfied.

What are we allowing to fill us?

Do you recognize your need for the One who created you? Loves you today. Desperately wants a relationship with you?

If you’re one of those who recognizes what God has done for you, are you allowing other stuff to fill that longing in your heart? Anything other than our Savior?

Maybe we’re not choosing drugs, but maybe we drink once or twice a week because we deserve it and we have had a hard week. Maybe we’re not pumping drugs into our veins, but we are allowing an overindulgence of food to push our longings and hurts under the plate of despair. Maybe we’re not sleeping around, but we are allowing relationships to fill our loneliness, or fear or insecurities.

Friends, let’s go to Jesus. He is our example of One who constantly ran to the Father, unashamed, bold, and with open arms.

May I pray for you today? If you send me a note or a vague response, I will lay your requests before God. The God who loves you. The God who desires not only a relationship with you, but an intimate, far-out, more than you can dream, kind of relationship.

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After the 31 Days is complete, look for more on our God-given thirst and ways we try to fill our cups.

31 Days of Living a Nourishing Healthy Life

Notes were taken from Developing a Discerning Heart Study (Entrust).

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