Practical Ways to Nourish Walking


Habits can be good.

We are a people of habit. Whether we recognize or admit it, most of the things we do are by habit. If you list how many things you do without giving it much thought, you might be surprised.

Exercise can become a habit too.

It’s more than how many days a week you are exercising. For some people it’s good to keep track and make sure we are meeting some goals.

But I want to address the mindset of living physically healthy.

Are you taking opportunities to move more?

What kind of lifestyle are you choosing to live?

~Walk with a friend.

~Walk with a dog.

~Walk or exercise to music.

~After you reach a certain goal, treat yourself. New exercise pants or shoes.

~Find new routes to walk.

~Take your phone camera and photograph the changing of seasons.

~Find a place indoors during winter to keep up the exercise.

~Walk using an app on your phone and challenge to walk more steps each day.

~We all need vitamin D. Get outside, walk and get vitamin D the natural way.

~Walk with your kids and take advantage of their excess energy.

~Join a walking club that meets regularly.

~Involve your spouse and develop a deeper relationship by walking.

~Pray and watch while you walk.

~Use the stairs as often as you can.

~Park farther away than you normally would so you can walk a few extra yards.

Join in with a friend. I have been meeting with some young gals and one of them said, “While we talk and discuss our life, why don’t we walk at the same time?”

I love it! We are meeting a social, spiritual, emotional and physical need, all in one hour. We gain so many benefits to walking and raising our serotonin levels.

Why not walk ourselves to better health. To better moods. To less anxieity. To better relationships. To walk in community. To build family relationships. More interaction with our children or grandchildren.

What is stopping you from taking that first step?

What is your first step?

Check out SparkPeople for more information on tips for walking, walking plans, reducing injuries, workout plans, etc.

Let’s challenge each other. Will you join me in walking for better health?

31 Days of Living a Nourishing Healthy Life

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