Nourishing Schedules and Balanced Rhythms


Nourished people understand what they need.

Usually when the distractions of a daily life deplete our energy the first thing we eliminate is the thing we need the most: quiet, reflective time. Time to dream, time to contemplate what is working and what’s not, so that we can make changes for the better. ~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Participating in the Significant Woman I discovered and honed in on my purpose, mission statement, and created goals and steps aligned under those. Understanding how God has designed me and for a specific purpose has helped me to stay focused, stay on track and to say no to things that I should say no to and not feel the guilt.

Are our planners flat and depressing like a flat pillow? Or are our planners overstuffed, leaving us stressed and how to fit it all in.

Nourished people understand what they need in their own schedule to leave them satisfied and feel a “good tired,” that fits their personality.

What nourishes you?

Questions to ask yourself for a nourishing schedule.

What energizes me?

What calms or soothes me?

What makes me feel accomplished at the end of the day?

What makes me get up in the morning and eager to face the day?

What activities or relationships do I want to make time for?

What activities or relationships do I need to make time for?

Ideally, how often would I like guilt-free downtime, rest time or me time?

Ideally, how often would I like to spend time socializing with friends or family?

I decided to create my own planner for there wasn’t one out there that fit my needs. Then I bought one online with the needs I required and desired, an overall month, week schedule tasks to accomplish goals for the week, month and year. I can write my mission statement, my core values and steps to incorporate them. My goals and plans I try to tweak every three months.

Find what energizes you.

Creating and protecting our morning rituals is one of the most nourishing acts we can do for ourselves. School has started, husband on a trip, I can do my plan and what works for my personality.

It’s important to find what energizes you. Making mornings sacred ensures you’ll have some stores of nourishment to face the day ahead. Create a perfect start to your day, even if it doesn’t work out as planned. Tell your kids, husband. Plan on going to bed earlier, getting up earlier. Plan it.

This is very difficult for me as I’m not a morning person. But once I find a routine, get the treasured needed sleep, then I can properly focus each morning. When I get to bed late, don’t have a good night’s sleep, overeat so I’m lethargic, then I’m not living to my full capacity.

My challenge is for me to protect my work time.

I’m a procrastinator by nature. I need to do the work and then reward myself when I’m done. Setting a timer to get work done I don’t like or it’s difficult to get me motivated works well. Cleaning my bedroom, organizing my closet, sitting down to write. Before I know it I’ve surpassed my allotted time and accomplished a task, that otherwise I probably wouldn’t have. The bigger the chore, the greater the reward.

Organizing blocks of time works well to go with my top priorities. I’m not a “schedule me” hour by hour, because it looks and feels overwhelming. It works for me to pencil time for mentoring, coffee dates, time with close friends, exercise, Q.T and my appointments which include time with my husband.

One of my biggest assets and biggest cheerleader is my husband. I encourage you to invite your husband, best friend or mentor into this process or another loved one who you trust and has your best interest at heart. When I have blocked a certain amount of time to write, he needs to not only know my schedule but he needs to understand my need to have it protected. My husband has a varying schedule so I have unique obstacles.

Choose one area that needs to be changed.

Before we can accomplish what God wants us to, we need to have schedules that work for us and not against us. 

Does your schedule need to be tweaked? If so, what do you need to change?

Make one change today and stick to it for a few weeks. Then if it works, add another change, until you have the schedule you desire. 

It doesn’t always work out as planned but that’s okay too. I have been working on my schedule consistently for over a year now and I’m still making adjustments. Do what works for you. Don’t lay on the guilt. Choose to live in God’s grace.

Blessings to you as you learn to live in a nourishing schedule and balanced rhythms. is celebrating all of the amazing Write 31 Days readers who are supporting nearly 2,000 writers this October! To enter to win a $500 DaySpring shopping spree, just click on this link & follow the giveaway widget instructions. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

Notes were taken from “Nourished: A Search for Health, Happiness, and a Full Night’s Sleep.”~Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolph

31 Days of Living a Nourishing Healthy Life

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