31 Days of Living a Nourishing Healthy Life


31 Days of Living a Nourishing Healthy Life

Welcome to 31 Days of Living a Nourishing, Healthy Life! Everyday I will write a post that reflects the physical, mental or spiritual realms in our lives. Who doesn’t crave more nourishment in their lives? Who doesn’t need to be reminded that it’s okay to take care of ourselves instead of the norm of putting others first? Join me in this exciting journey that I’m still in the process of discovering and learning to embrace how to live a nourishing, healthy life.

If you get behind in the reading of my posts, don’t worry. My motto lately is: no worries! After I post each day, then that post will go live. Unfortunately you can’t move ahead, but you can check on the past posts you may have missed. Click on the previous links that I’ve posted and read away.

Day 1: Living a Nourishing, Healthy Life

Day2: Nourishing a Well-Balanced Life

Day 3: Breathe Yourself Into Nourishing Sleep

Day4: Nourishing Healthy Sleep Habits

Day 5: 11 Benefits to Nourishing Sleep

Day 6: 12 Nourishing Tips to a More Fit You

Day 7: Practical Ways to Nourish Walking

Day 8: Nourishing a Healthy Eating Mindset

Day 9: 9 Tips on Nourishing a Healthy Eating Mindset

Day 10: Do the Scary Things

Day 11: Step Into Fear

Day 12: Nourishing a Healthy No

Day 13: Nourishment Through Community

Day 14: Nourishing Healthy Friendships

Day 15: Nourishing Romance in Our Marriages–Abra Carnahan

Day 16: Nourishing Self-Image and Grace

Day 17: Nourishing Through Mental Illness

Day 18: 8 Benefits in Naming a Personality Disorder

Day 19: 10 Stresses That Hold Us Back

Day 20: How to Better Nourish Through Change

Day 21: Nourishing a Clutter-Free Way of Life

Day 22: Creating Nourishing Spaces in Your Home

Day 23: Nourishing Schedules and Balanced Rhythms

Day 24: The Pride of Life–Kelsea Synder

Day 25: Nourishing Thoughts

Day 26: Nourishment in Time of Pain

Day 27: Choosing to Nourish Your Soul in Pain

Day 28: The 3 Parts of Your Heart

Day 29: The Thirst of our Hearts

Day 30: Power Made Perfect–Alyssa Santos

Day 31: Nourishing Grace in Our Everyday

31 Days of Living a Nourishing Healthy Life