Nourishing Healthy Friendships


What matters is the love you show.

I recently read a blog post on it doesn’t matter how much you love someone. What really matters is how you are showing the love to that person.

Admit it. You’re busy. I’m busy. We live in a very busy society that tries to squeeze in as much as we can. Often, friendships are left to the wayside.

We need to fight this demon of busyness.

We need to take command of our relationships.

We need to stand and fight for our friendships.

We often don’t know the one word we murmured spoke life into someone’s heart. We often don’t know the coffee date meant life versus desolation. We often are unaware the impact our reaching out to a friend can mean to their soul.

We might need to change our perspective.

We need a relationship lift.

What does it take?

One phone call.

One text message.

One “I’ll just stop by.”

One coffee date.

One outreached hand.

One enveloping you with outstretched arms.

We need a relationship lift.

We have to change our attitude. We have to change our approach. Do you need to be the first to reach out instead of waiting for others to make the first move? What is your posture in your relationships? Waiting. Or Seeking. Standing on the side. Or taking charge and taking the initiative.

How to nourish healthy friendships.

A few ideas on how to keep or maintain friendships:

  1. Be creative. Think outside the box. What can you do that incorporates something you need to do and be with a friend? I need to pick out paint colors for our house—a chore for me. A friend of mine invited herself to help me. How fun! Something that is a chore and can be overwhelming is now fun and exciting, because I’m doing it with a friend.
  1. Add a couple of things together to double your time and relieve your guilt. A gal I’ve been mentoring and myself—we both want to exercise so instead of always going to coffee, we walk and talk and share our goals and passions. So fun! We are creating a healthy habit and a healthy relationship at the same time.
  1. Gather a group of friends together at one time. Create an event of tea and scones. Have a group over for dinner and make it a theme night. You are creating not only an atmosphere that helps your own relationships but the relationships with each other are enhanced.
  1. Volunteer to watch a friend’s children. Help around the house if they let you. This one takes more time. But in helping a friend, you are deepening that relationship for they will love you for life.
  1. Learn something new and invite a friend to join you. When I got back into knitting I taught some of my friends. It was good for me to relearn the skill and we had loads of laughter over missed loops and funny looking scarves.
  1. Step out in friendship even when it’s scary. I had one friend whose husband was dying of cancer. I didn’t have the words. I had never gone through this. By stopping by her house, bringing a treat and lively conversation, I was able to be a ray of sunshine for that day. We often don’t know what to do. But we can give our gift of friendship by simply being a friend.

What has worked in your friendships?

There are so many more ideas to make friends and kindle those friendships we already have.

What has worked for you?

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