Nourishing Grace in our Everyday

We Need GraceGod's Grace

The 31 days is now over and as I look back, I am amazed I completed this journey. I did have obstacles, which I’m sure many other writers did.

My focus began early, back in mid September. My calling to write was strong and my determination kept me paced everyday.

A goal is good to set before us, as long as it is reachable and doable.

Throughout this process…

nourishing ourselves

nourishing relationships

nourishing through better health

nourishing through mental illness

nourishing through pain

we need to check and ask what is filling us up and satisfying our soul?

My goal is for us to reach out a bit more. Step out of our comfort bubble. Understand our thirsty hearts so we can understand our choices. Walk alongside a loved one who is suffering from a personality disorder. Be a friend to someone in pain, not always understanding, but holding hands and crying together.

We need grace. God’s grace.

We need grace for when we set healthy goals and desire to exercise more and eat healthier, knowing we may fail one day and we can get up the next.

We need grace that some days are scary and we don’t want to do the scary, jump off the cliff. And for today. That’s okay.

We need grace that some days we can’t go out and serve and give. We know tomorrow is another day when we can, move out, step out, face the fears and take that leap.

We need grace to be the one who asks to have a friend, reach out for the hand, and want to be walked alongside.

We need the grace that we do get hurt, we can feel bad today, feel the emptiness knowing tomorrow we’ll be able to put it all in perspective and see God at work.

We need the grace that when we’re overstressed and we need to take a day off, it’s okay.

As we continue to live a nourishing, healthy life, may we learn to live freely in grace. Giving. Grace. Freely. Accepting. Grace. Freely.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. My next goal? Stay tuned.

31 Days of Living a Nourishing Healthy Life

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