Nourishing a Clutter-Free Way of Life


Our space to be inspiring and functional.

Clutter gets in the way of living the life you want. It makes it hard to breathe. It makes it hard to move. It makes it hard to see clearly. It makes it hard to focus and stay motivated. You have to clean outside to get clean inside. (Does the Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?)

A goal to nourish a clutter-free way of life: For our space to be more inspiring and functional.

Living clutter-free has always been a challenge for me, and I do enjoy my space when there’s less stuff around. I feel I can breathe easier. I feel my mind has more space to be creative instead of the focus on my stuff.

If we really loved and valued ourselves, would we learn to better prioritize the serenity in our personal spaces?

Living clutter-free nourishes our soul.

Nourishing ourselves to be clutter-free is to nourish our souls. We need to be kind to ourselves. Part of that kindness is to have a schedule that is workable and livable and not always frantically reaching for the next task or event.

How can you be kind to yourself to nourish your soul today?

As much as we need to go out into the world to explore, we are that much braver and confidant when we know that we have a place of sanctuary that will welcome us back from the adventure…Creating a nurturing home is a process that is always unfolding in its own perfect way. ~Leah Kent

Building our house I’m determined to unclutter and give away items we no longer use or need. In my giving I can bless someone else who can use it more and appreciate it more.

 Kick procrastination to the curb.

I wrote in my post, The Big “P” Word, my procrastination dilemma keeps me from experiencing the kind of life God would love for me to have. Joy. Peace. Bearing fruit. Living a life worthy. Pleasing God in every way. Strength. Endurance. Patience.

I can choose to kick procrastination to the curb. My step towards a clutter-free way of life is to take the time, not create an overly busy schedule and give myself permission to organize and clean up around me.

In my next post, Creating Nourishing Spaces in Your Home, I will address how we can do that. Everyday. Stress-free.

Is there anything in your schedule you can take out that would help give you more time to create nurturing space in your home?

Will you join me in the challenge to live clutter-free?

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31 Days of Living a Nourishing Healthy Life

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