My Story

I am a wife, mother, nana, writer, crafter, Harley-mamma and friend. With four children and three grandchildren, I live a busy life meeting the demands of two teenage boys at home and a traveling husband, while juggling Bible Study, Mah Jongg, volunteering at Open Arms, coffee with friends and writing in the in-between spaces.

I have always been a busy person, on the go, filling my schedule. God is leading me to slow down, pay attention to my world around me, and write a word or two to eventually get published. God has called me to write my heart, my story, as God Himself has revealed Himself to me, faithfully all these years.

In my growing up years, my father was a functioning alcoholic and was mostly an absentee father, physically but mostly mentally. My mother was emotionally unstable and only years later, my brother and I found out she was diagnosed as Schizophrenic. A more recent diagnosis labeled her as Paranoid Delusional.

As an adult I look back and see a young girl starving for love and attention, but hardly receiving it the way she wanted from her parents. Two parents who didn’t know how to love each other, unable to reach their daughter, caught up in their own misery. I lived always trying to please, falling short and thus creating wells in my life that in my adult years, I would try to fill outside of God.

Today, I am learning to live a freedom found only in Christ. No longer am I in bondage to my parents and living a life pleasing only to others. No longer am I scared to stand up and say, “This is who I am.” No longer am I ruled by parental expectations, the constant approval of others, and always feeling like I’ve failed. It’s a growing freedom, maturing each time I learn to trust God and not my own insecurities.

God has given me the wings to be set free.

Look for more about My Story in upcoming posts.