Living a Nourishing, Healthy Life


31 Days of Living a Nourishing Healthy Life

My normal life, not so normal.

I’ve been on a rollercoaster for over three years. I’m not even sure what normal is anymore. I believe I need to find a new normal.

When we first moved to Idaho our lives were pretty pleasant and easy going. The most I had to worry about was making sure the kids got their work done during our homeschool days. Emotionally I was having some minor difficulties experiencing SAD for the first time.

Right before our son, our second child, was graduating from high school, my mother was having emotional problems in California. This started the turmoil that would be my life for the next few years. She eventually moved to Idaho, bought a home, never stayed there, was put in the psych ward and the battle for conservatorship began, together, with my brother and I. It eventually led to court, mediations, being conservator, not being conservator, her leaving the state and now no communication between us.

Almost three years ago I started having physical symptoms and after multiple tests, I wasn’t getting quality sleep. I developed a form of sleep apnia, Upper Airway Resistant Syndrome, where I don’t get enough air while I sleep. My emotions suffered. My physical body suffered. My energy suffered. My  tasks suffered.

Finding my new normal.

And today. There is emerging a new me. A different one than three years ago. Than ten years ago. I’m learning to embrace the new me. I don’t always like me. I look in the mirror and wonder who is that person that resides in that body?

Recently a friend challenged me to write with her everyday for a month. I considered. I wondered if I could as I didn’t know if I had the stamina. I didn’t know if my desire could overcome my difficult, listless days.

But the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. I believed I was ready for the challenge. And so I decided to write and blog for 31 days in October. I’m still unsure if I can do this.

Accepting the challenge to put myself out there. Everyday.

But today is a new day. And today I take on the challenge.

I decide to not look in the past.

I decide to not look at what I couldn’t do.

I decide to not get bogged down by my failures.

I decide today is the day to look to my future.

Will you join me in this journey?

I am writing on living a nourishing, healthy life. Not the over abundant, crazy, no sleep, high energy life. Not the life where I am running full speed ahead and find myself exhausted at the end.

I am writing on nourishing living and what that looks like in the everyday. Small steps. Steps forward. Momentum.

All my blog posts will fall under these three categories: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional. Sometimes just one. Sometimes all three. My goal is to blog 300-500 words, which is shorter than my normal posts.

Join me in this journey of finding nourishment in the everyday.

Please join me as I am just like you. Normal. Striving for quality health. Striving to live in freedom. Striving to simply just live. Live a life that nourishes my soul.

Do you want to be nourished in the month of October?

Love to hear from you during the course of this month. Love to hear any thoughts on your own journey. And I would love to know how I can pray for you.

Join me in living a nourishing, healthy life.

31 Days of Living a Nourishing Healthy Life


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