Nourishing a Well Balanced Life



Extreme Living.

For much of my life I have lived in the extremes. When tomato sauce was on sale, my dad would not buy one can or two, he would buy a shelf full. When my mother would go on a diet, she took everything out of the house that she couldn’t eat and we all had to abide by her new diet. She was so extreme she couldn’t even be around unhealthy foods for she couldn’t smell them.

Extremes. It’s what I knew.

When my parents fought, anger was everywhere and thrown and yelled so the whole neighborhood heard. When they loved, they were delicate and sweet and tender. There was hardly ever an in-between.

I want to live in the balance.

I want my life to be balanced and not live in the extremes.

When I diet I am all in. If I slip I’m out and then I forget the whole idea and start eating crazy again.

When I want to buy an item, I look up the price, compare shop and become obsessed with purchasing that item. My emotions are all in.

When I buy something on sale, I never want just one. Give me two, or maybe three is better.

Choose to live a balanced nourishing, healthy life.

For me to live a nourishing, healthy life, is for me to learn to live a life of balance.

I am balanced when I exercise some, eat healthy food, cheat now and then and give myself grace when I stumble. I am balanced when I can read my Bible, read a book and watch a TV Show, without feeling any guilt. I am balanced when I can buy one item on sale, walk past what I don’t need, and giveaway my excess.

What does living a balanced life look to you?

Some days I spend more time with my husband or spend hours writing when a goal needs to be met. These days I spend many hours preparing for our house, researching appliances or bathtubs or paint colors. Those days are needed.

In your normal, what does a well balanced life look like to you?

31 Days of Living a Nourishing Healthy Life

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