God Priming Her For His Calling

April 2014

Sharon’s heart

Sharon is a missionary in Ethiopia and she calls Addis her home these days. Even though her heart belongs in Dallas, Texas. And a part of her heart is in the area of Post Falls Idaho and Spokane, Washington. There’s another part in scattered places in Washington. Another part of her heart has been left in California.

She’s a woman who’s been called to serve and to go, while parts of her have been left behind. This is because when you meet Sharon, she leaves a part of herself in you, that is moving, challenging, invigorating. By her presence she challenges you to walk with God, not as a cold fish, but as a lover of Jesus.

Sharon’s calling for the hurting

Her calling fell onto her at an early age–at a time when most girls would play, run and skip, not a care in the world. She had cares and many for a small child. She knew her relationship with her step-mother would cause her to turn into a bitter, miserable person, or someone who loved people. She chose the latter. Her attraction to the hurting sparked her to be sensitive, nurturing and kind to those around her. What she did not receive from a parent, she was able to give of herself.

God was already in the picture priming her for His calling.

Sharon was given opportunities to gain education outside of Ethiopia and years later, as a young adult, she landed in Dallas. She loved her church and they became family. She loved her job as a service coordinator at an alarm company. She loved her car. She loved her freedom. She loved her purpose and lived a content life. She loved her ministry to families and particularly couples with children. She loved Dallas.

God was in the picture priming her for His calling.

About 5’1″, shoe size 5, and dark tightly curled hair. She didn’t look like much. But there was fire in her soul. She didn’t know it yet.

God was in the picture priming her for His calling.

Sharon’s life of holy discontent

When God started knocking at her heart, Sharon declared an emphatic, “No!” She respected her missionary friends, but she was not going to leave her comfortable life. She was doing God’s work wasn’t she? And then it started happening.

She couldn’t sleep. Her content life didn’t fill her up as it once had. Uneasiness slipped into her soul. She experienced holy discontent. All she knew and gravitated towards, she was miserable and something was wrong. For one year. For one year she refused to face God ruffling her feathers. For one year she tried to ignore the prickling of her heart. For one year she didn’t want to recognize God’s calling into her life.

And all this time, behind the scenes, in her childhood, in her ministry, in her comfortableness, God was in the picture priming her for His calling.

A missionary in her own land

God sent her back to Ethiopia, the land she was born, the land she knew, the people she could connect, and the language she didn’t have to learn. In His timing, in His perfect plan, in His all-knowing way, He carved the way for Sharon to minister to the hurt, the lost, the widowed.What God had started in her as a child, He brought forth in her life as an adult, follower of Jesus, and totally committed to Him.

Not always the easy life

Yet the surrendering of herself was not automatic. She acknowledged her first few years in ministry in Ethiopia were not easy. She was a woman, doing ministry alone with other women, working with men who didn’t always understand the needs of women in their culture, leaving her isolated and alone.

Her dependency grew as her calling increased, while her funds decreased. She didn’t have the luxuries she had in America. She didn’t have the bank account she received from her profitable job in Dallas. She didn’t have the support of companionship like she did in her home church in Texas. Some days, after walking miles to and from her destinations, working with local women, serving, speaking, ministering, she was just plum tired.

God was in the picture priming her for His calling.

God’s in the business of molding us

God had not left her. God was still there molding her to be the person He wanted her to be. Not the missionary He wanted. Not all the things she could accomplish. But He wanted her full heart and trust.

God taught Sharon how to trust Him. She worried about her finances. She wanted to take control of her life and take up the responsibility. He showed her in His word, He would always take care of her and lead and guide her.When Sharon felt confused or scared, God molded her to trust more, risk her heart and to make her a better servant.

It became evident she loved those who were easy to love. She scorned those who were difficult. God spoke to her clearly for her to love. Love the unloved. Love the unworthy. Love those He loves.

God is the God of the details

Sharon is in complete alliance with God in her ministry in Ethiopia. He continues to open many doors for her involvement, insight and Godly wisdom. God is not only the God of the universe, but He’s the God of the details. Her trust in Him is paramount to her past worries.

When it’s time for her to go back to Dallas, God will show her by declining health, lessened stamina, or her funds being depleted. She doesn’t need to worry about money. If God wants her to stay longer in Ethiopia, then God will bring the support.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

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      Thanks for taking a look Alexis. Appreciate the feedback.

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