Creating Nourishing Spaces in Your Home


10 ideas for a house makeover.

In my post, Nourishing a Clutter-Free Way of Life, I write that our goal is for our space to be inspiring and functional. How do we go about accomplishing this if we aren’t naturally tended toward living clutter-free?

Here are 10 ideas to get you started. These are great if you are trying to sell your home, but can be applicable to anytime you want to declutter your home.

Recommendations for a house makeover:

  1. Begin by getting a room “show ready” on the surface. Not worrying about closets and drawers can help mentally.
  1. Reorganize closets. I bought new baskets and packed away clothes that were 2 and 3 sizes too small. Looked great. And organized.
  1. Clear counters, bedside tables and surface of all clutter and decorations. Keep what you really want. Ditch the rest or give it to someone else. Put miscellaneous stuff in cute boxes. I have my excess, books and papers in a basket by my bed. I throw stuff in there when I’m cleaning. Then when I have more time, I Organize the basket later.
  1. Shop at thrift stores for containers and baskets. If you have the money but not the time, buy all the same kind of basket at one store so they match and look cute together. I bought mine at sale at our local Fred Meyer store. I wanted continuity in my closets for when we put our house up for sale. If you have more time, there are great buys at stores like Goodwill and local thrift stores.
  1. House surface cleaned and decorated, clothes closet neat and organized, start on one drawer and one cabinet at a time. That way it’s not so overwhelming and you can see what you’ve accomplished.
  1. Quick pick up, grab a cute lightweight basket or hamper to take from room to room. Clean up around you as you go, while putting items in the basket and putting them away. Letting go what weighs us down, feels lighter and freer. Clean-up and organize first thing in the morning, can be joyful and lift my moody spirits. Find your own unique balance. If I set my timer for a certain time, that helps me to be motivated and stay on task. I don’t want to clean and organize for 2 hours. But I can do most anything for 20 minutes.
  1. Have a catchall room. Create an extra room or space where you can dump and not worry at the time if that one room is clean and organized.
  1. Create nourishing nooks. My new house will have a space for my latte machine, teas, coffees and syrups so I can entertain with ease and less stress. I bought a metal docrative piece to hang my earrings and bracelets in my bathroom. It’s cute and functional. And I love to look at these spaces I created to be fun and useful.
  1. Find a spare cabinet, a cute cabinet or baskets to pull your comings and goings. These are return items to the store, mailings, take to the car, etc.
  1. Create a comfortable work zone, whatever works for you. Decorate and organize it to be you and to work with what space you have. My craft room has things around me that I like, inspire me and I enjoy being around.

Is your home a relaxing environment?

Are you relaxed in your home? Can you invite a friend over and be comfortable? True friends don’t expect expensive. Friends want to spend time with you. The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the more relaxed your friends will be.

“When you walk into a nourishing home it feels like you’re walking into a hug.”

Compromise. Order what you can; let go of what you can’t control. The goal is to create a space where real families life and make messes but are simple to put right again at the end of the day.

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31 Days of Living a Nourishing Healthy Life

Notes were taken from “Nourished: A Search for Health, Happiness, and a Full Night’s Sleep.”~Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolph

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