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The Gift of Friendship

When all you want to do is hideaway. In my previous blog post I Want My Life To Be More Than Religious I mentioned I had gotten myself into some trouble with my big mouth.  I threw out thoughtless words directed at a friend and you could feel the ripple effect. What do you do when you say […]

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When Your Son Moves Out

I can barely look. Boxes lay open in the hallway, empty. The bedroom door is slightly ajar, barely giving a glimpse of the chaos across the floor. Books stacked. Papers lay thoughtlessly. Clothes piled high. It doesn’t look as though a teenager, emerging into adulthood is moving his belongings elsewhere. My eyes settle on the […]

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Where Are You Placing Your Waits?

Waiting. What are we waiting for? Waiting. Much of my time is spent on waiting. I am waiting on something, someone, or a circumstance. Waiting for me to lose weight. Waiting to feel normal again. Waiting for our house to start building. Waiting for our house to sell. Waiting for reconciliation for one of my children. […]

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My 3 Blessings on the 4th of July

  Happy 4th of July! May we celebrate our country and all the blessings. There is much to be thankful in our country. And yet beyond any material items we may have accumulated, the higher blessings in my heart are people. Family. Our new daughter-in-law entering our family. We are blessed with great kids and […]

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When I Let Go Of My Pride

  From active to healing. I’ve spent this past week recuperating from surgery to repair a torn plantar plate in my left foot. A bit of relaxing is good for the soul and I have no issues with putting my feet up and icing my inflamed, sore foot. It’s good to let the process work […]

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