To. Believe. In. Him.


“Our response to the cross is what really matters,” our pastor said on Good Friday. We can believe what we want, make choices on those beliefs and even believe there was a Jesus who lived on this earth. For some they believe He died on the cross and possibly even died for others. But our belief needs to go further than the basic belief. We need to believe in Him.

Believe. In. Him.

If God really did send His son to redeem me and all of mankind, that should change everything. For if He actually did this incredible act, there was incredible power behind the scene of the cross that cannot be explained. The witnesses testified that Jesus, where He was laid, dead and wrapped, no longer lay within the tomb. The disciples saw Him after His death and one of them touched His side and could not find His wounds. He was healed.

How powerful. How perfect. It could almost be a comedy, yet there was no actor to play Jesus. There wasn’t anyone who could play the part of the gruesome death on the cross, pain etched on His face, blood oozing from His wounds, and sweat the color of blood.

What is our focus?

We worry because the songs sung at church don’t fit my needs, my moods, my age. We fret because a biker may sit next to us in church and we’re not too sure if he’s carrying. A woman in torn clothes spurts out words we don’t understand and we are left uncomfortable. But is that reality? Because truthfully, there are many we are afraid to bring to church to messy it up. We like it this way. Comfortable. Clean. Fragrant. Just like us.

Jesus died for the beggar on the street. He died for the mothers who have abandoned their children. He loved and sacrificed His life for those who called out to crucify Him. He died for me. He died for you.

What is the issue?

But that’s not really the issue. At least that’s what Doug said on Sunday.

He wants from us, the movement He desires from each of us is the step to believe in Jesus.

No matter our quarrels. No matter if homosexuals are going to heaven. No matter our political party. He is asking us to believe. Believe. In. Jesus.

To. Believe. In. Him.

Father, I want to live in your power and strength. I want to fully surrender to your power, your supernatural power. I want to live on the edge of falling into you, complete surrender. I want to be consumed from the inside out, overflow on the outside, no lid on my top. My surrender to you is not to trust my self of my own will. Not to trust my thoughts, my desires. My identity is to be in you. All of me in all of you. I want the joy other believers have who know of your supernatural power.

I raise my will in complete surrender to you.

I raise my selfish desires in complete surrender.

Take me as I am with my faults, my frailties, my sins.

Take. Me.


Click on link for video “I Will Rise.” Chris Tomlin

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