12 Nourishing Tips to a More Fit You


Choose a new habit.

This is a great time of year to pick up a new habit, that encourages and spurs you on. How can you live a nourishing, healthy life? If you aren’t already active and making steps toward a healthier you, then there’s no reason to not start today. An easy activity, you can do almost anywhere, is to simply…walk.

Success is not a destination, but the road that you’re on. Being successful means that you’re working hard and walking everyday. You can only live your dream by working towards it. That’s living your dream. Marlon Wayans

It’s our mindset of living physically healthy.

Are you taking opportunities to move more?

Here are 12 tips to keep you walking from Everyday Health:

  1. Plan on a walking schedule. Everyday Health stated that adding 150 minutes of brisk walking to your routine each week can add 3.4 years to your lifespan.
  1. Maintain or lose weight by walking. If we walk and move more and eat a healthy well balanced diet, we can maintain our weight and for some, can even lose a few pounds.
  1. Walk to get blood pressure in line. You don’t have the time to do all your walking at one time? There are benefits to not walking 30 minutes at one time but spreading it throughout your day.
  1. Walk to protect against dementia. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to combat the onset and advancement of dementia as stated in Everyday Health.
  1. Walk to prevent osteoarthritis. Those who walk or participate in moderate aerobic activity have healthier knees because walking can help maintain healthy cartilage. If you want more cardio and are able, then pick up your speed.
  1. Walk to reduce cancer. One study done in Everyday Health stated women who walked at least seven hours per week were 14 percent less likely to develop breast cancer. Let’s walk ourselves away from cancer instead of lethargy to cancer.
  1. Walk to prevent or control diabetes. Diabetes is rampant in our country and if we can walk 20 to 30 minutes we can lower our blood sugar for 24 hours, stated Tami Ross, RD, LD. Any weight we can loose, even 10 pounds for a 200-pound person can delay and possibly prevent the onset of diabetes. One who is prone to be diabetic, let’s walk ourselves out of diabetes. My doctor says any kind of physical activity is always better than none.
  1. Walk to lower the risk of heart disease. Overall health is improved by walking by lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and lower stroke risks. And of course, consult your doctor if you have any of these issues. Regular check-ups are worth it.
  1. Walk to improve your mood. There have been studies done that walking can boost your mood and help relieve symptoms of depression. The other day when I was stressed, I decided to enjoy our beautiful fall day. Not only did my mood improve, but also my creative side kicked in and I had a newsletter half written by the end of my jaunt.
  1. Walk to reduce pain. Walking one hour a day can help reduce arthritis pain and prevent disability. I am prone to have a blood clot and walking can help reduce that risk. I’d rather be walking.
  1. Walk to reduce stroke risk. A study reported in a journal of the American Heart Association found women who walked a brisk pace for exercise have a much lower chance of having a stroke than those who didn’t walk.
  1. Walking benefits the mind. In Woman’s Day it states walking improves mental and emotional health and decreases stress. Who doesn’t want less stress? Tests done on 125 older sedentary adults found with walking three times a week for six months they performed better on cognitive tasks versus those who did only stretching or strengthening exercises. Improved blood flow to the brain attributes to the walking, according to some researchers, which helped improve brain function.

Take a walk.

You’re not a runner, that’s okay.

You don’t like to ski or snowboard, I’m with you. (I don’t like being cold anymore.)

You can’t manage to swim to save your life?

Then take a walk. Enjoy the day. Look around you. Walk with a friend. Walk yourself into better health. Do it for 10 minutes and I guarantee you, that won’t be enough.

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